About us

Super Wool® is a Brazilian company with over 20 years of experience in making textiles that basically substitute sheep skin. In the process of making the textile, natural sheep wool is implanted into a polyester textile base, in such a way that the end result is a product similar to sheep skin, however without leather as base.

Super Wool | About us

This gives rise to superior features compared to sheep skin such as:

  • Absolute density control of wool per square meter. There are differences in the level of density from one sheep skin to another. There is no sheep skin exactly the same as another, this makes any industrial process more complicated.
  • Absolute control in thickness of wool used. As mentioned above, there is no sheep skin with a standard wool measurement as regards to thickness.

Our textiles can be used in the manufacturing of roller covers, bonnets used in car polishing, mattresses, also used for furring up shoes, garments and as well as in a wide range of finished products.

Super Wool | Produtos

Super Wool® developed Petwool® line (pet beds) and Residential Rugs line.