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PETWOOL® | Caminha para PetPETWOOL® | Caminha para Pet
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Petwool® is a bed for your pet made of sheep wool (100% natural) implanted into a textile base. The bed can be used in any season of the year, because wool is a natural thermostat that keeps your pet warm in winter and cold in summer. Besides that, its natural density gives it a thickness that’s just the right amount of cushion for your pet’s arthritic bones.

Petwool® bed:

  • Can be washed and dried in machines
  • Anti-microbial treatment
  • Anti-slip base

  • Petwool® Size and Shape

    PETWOOL® | Bone EL PETWOOL® | Bone L PETWOOL® | Bone M PETWOOL® | Bone S PETWOOL® | Rectangle L PETWOOL® | Rectangle M PETWOOL® | Rectangle S
    PETWOOL® | Catpet M PETWOOL® | Catpet S PETWOOL® | Oval PETWOOL® | Square

    Petwool® Colors

    PETWOOL® | cor Natural PETWOOL® | cor Brown PETWOOL® | cor Mixed
    Natural Brown Mixed

    The fact that a textile base is used and not sheep skin gives the product a series of advantages, besides being ecologically correct: rot free (make it more durable), odorless, mildew free and free from the proliferation of fungi. It makes cleaning easier because it can be washed and dried in machines without the need of any special cleaning product, i.e. it can simply be washed using normal detergents and conditioners.

    Petwool® bed can be used all year round. Air pockets between the wool fibers hold your pet’s body heat like an insulating blanket keeping them warm in the winter. In the warmer months, Petwool® beds absorb moisture and the circulating air in the air pockets causes the moisture to evaporate, keeping your pet cooler and allowing their skin to breathe. Petwool® beds may have a therapeutic effect on older pets, cradling aged joints, thus relieving pressure points.

    Petwool® bed can be put just about anywhere, in the pet house, varanda, in the car (during a sightseeing or trip), or by your bedside, keeping your pet relaxed.

    Petwool® products have a rubber base that besides being anti- slip and soft, it is extremely resistant to washing and drying in machines, giving the product incredible durability.

    Washing/Drying Instructions