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Super Wool® works with the concept of not using animal leather but rather implanting wool into a textile base. Our rugs have an anti-slip base, extremely resistant to washing. We do not use artificial coloring. We only work with natural sheep colors (natural, caramel, brown, mixed-natural and brown and moura).

Super Wool® uses the best classification of wool in existence, following a strict classification of wool in relation to thickness, length and color that guarantees a complete homogeneous rug.

The base material is made of polyester mixed with latex to guarantee durability and resistance.

We apply an anti-slip rubber base to the rugs that is resistant to washing and gives the product a perfect finishing. Wool (our main raw material) has a natural property that does not favor the proliferation of bacteria.

Flokati® Bed & Bath


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Washing and Drying Instructions


Super Wool works with two options of rugs:

• "Smooth" - without anti-microbial treatment

•"Curly" - with anti-microbial treatment. The product is applied during the washing of the rug and after drying it in an industrial rotative machine, the rug then takes on a curly look.

Super Wool Rugs® - Living | Smooth Super Wool Rugs® - Living | Curly
Smooth Curly