• Tecidos em l„ natural de carneiro
  • Tecidos em l„ natural de carneiro

Natural sheep wool is implanted into a textile base, resulting to a textile with similar appearance to sheep skin, however with differential characteristics.

This textile has several uses. It can be used in garments, for furring up shoes, in roller covers, decoration products and many others.

Here some applications >

Natural sheep wool textile for roller covers and polishing bonnets and gloves



PETWOOL® - Pet bed made of 100% natural sheep wool - comfort for your pet in all seasons of the year.

Flokati<sup>®</sup> LivingFlokati<sup>®</sup> Living
Super Wool Rugs - LivingSuper Wool Rugs - Bed& Bath

Super Wool Rugs - Line of residential rugs made of our textiles of natural sheep wool. All of them have anti-slip base, extremely resistant to washing, and offer you tangible thermal comfort.

  • 100% Natural Product
  • Super Wool® products are ecologically correct, because we use only sheep wool. There is no need to sacrifice the animal.